Lunar abyss timeline 2010

If you look at Apostle John being raptured into heaven at the beginning of Revelation 4, you will observe the Anti-Christ appearing immediately after that—the White Horseman. The Anti-Christ’s one-world order will try to make the . import most of its oil from Russia and the Muslim nations, in order to make them strong for the Ezekiel 38 nuclear attack; instead of allowing . companies to drill for oil in the United States. This is to make Russian and the Muslim economies and militaries strong, who are the two hidden Satanist religions of socialism and Islam. It will place the . dependent upon the Russian and the Muslim nations, and weaken the .’s position and economy; since the Americans will be paying most of their earned salaries to Russia and the Muslim nations, to support Satan’s countries. The Americans will be made to work like dogs to support Satan’s people and his End-Times scheme. No matter how hard they work, most of their income will go to the countries that are under Satan’s control. It is Satan’s and the Illuminati’s End-Times plan.

Monthly Lunar Planner Archive 2010... into the few-year timeline of aspects ... alternatives to cross the vast abyss we may currently face in our ...

Lunar Abyss Timeline 2010Lunar Abyss Timeline 2010Lunar Abyss Timeline 2010Lunar Abyss Timeline 2010